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How much does it cost to ride the dinner train?
The cost for the dinner train is $91.00 per person, tax and gratuity included. Children 12 and under are $67.00. The cost for the mystery dinner train is $99.00 per person, tax and gratuity included. Children 12 and under are $77.00. If you feel that your service is superior, you are welcome to leave an extra gratuity on the table as you depart.

What does the price include?
The price includes a four-course meal, excellent service, tax and gratuity, as well as the unique experience and scenery. Our mystery dinner trains feature a live theatrical experience presented by the Way Off Broadway acting troupe from Frederick, Maryland.

Can I pay for my tickets when I get there, or do I need to pay in advance?
Payment is due in advance at the time of your reservation. We accept Discover, Master Card and VISA. Sorry, we cannot accept checks.

Do you offer group pricing?
Not at this time.

Are senior citizen discounts available?
Sorry, we currently do not offer senior citizen discounts.

Do I need to make a reservation?
Yes. Advance reservations and payment are required to guarantee your seat. An early reservation does not guarantee the best seats, although we try our best to provide everyone with the best seats we can. We assign seats to everyone based on the number and configuration of the parties for whom we have reservations. Parties of three or four will have their own tables. Parties of two will generally be seated with other parties of two when our reservation list is full; otherwise, parties of two may have a private table. A party of two can also purchase a private table by, essentially, paying a reduced fee for the space that a third person would occupy. Private tables for two are not available for our Mystery Dinner trains.

Can children ride the train?
Yes, children three and older are permitted and prices are reduced for children. We discourage patrons from bringing children that are too young to sit in a seat by themselves, or who may not be able to sit reasonably quietly for two hours without disturbing other patrons. We do not have high chairs or booster seats. The children's menu is the same as the adult menu with smaller portions. We do not have crackers, chicken nuggets, etc., for children.

How are seats reserved?
Seating will be made by our staff based on availability at the time of your reservation. If you want to sit with friends, you must make your reservation all together under just one name so we will know to seat you together. Or send us an e-mail to let us know to seat you with another party.

Can a table be reserved for just the two of us?
If you have a party of two, you may be seated with another party of two if we have sufficient reservations to warrant this. Otherwise, you will have your own table, but we can't necessarily guarantee that you will have a private table unless you pay the private table fee.

Can you accommodate parties larger than four?
Yes, we can accommodate parties larger than four. All of our tables only seat four, and we will do our best to seat everyone as close together as possible. Seating will depend on availability, and parties larger than four may be split between tables.

What is your cancellation policy?
Refunds will not be given for any reason unless the train is cancelled. If you must cancel your reservation, please try and give as much notice as possible. We can reschedule you for another date if we are able to find someone to take your reservation.

What is offered on the menu?
We offer a choice of three entrees. You will be asked for entrée selections for each person in your party when you make your reservation. Please note that meals are not prepared on board to order, so we cannot change your menu selection on the day of your scheduled departure.

Are vegetarian meals offered?
We offer vegetarian meals such as a Portabella Saute.

When do I have to let you know my meal selection?
Entrée selections are required at the time of reservation. We can accept changes no later than one week before your ride.

Will the meals be prepared on the cars?
All food will be prepared offsite by our caterer at their restaurant, which is near the vicinity of the boarding and departure location.

Is there a bar on the train?
No, we do not currently have a liquor license.

Can we bring our own wine or liquor?
Yes, you may bring your own alcoholic beverages. We have a limited selection of wine glasses available for your use. Please drink responsibly. We reserve the right to remove patrons from the dining car if needed.

Is there a dress code?
The dress code is business casual. We highly recommend wearing closed toed shoes with low heals for safety purposes when boarding the train, and walking between cars. Guests are discouraged from wearing high heels as we have graveled walkways leading up to the train's ramp.

Where and when do we board?
Regularly scheduled Dinner Trains board at the Walkersville Southern Railroad station at 34 West Pennsylvania Avenue in Walkersville, MD. You will not need a ticket; just your name on our reservation list. Walk up the ramp to the dining car entrance and give the hostess your name, and you will be seated. Dining car seating begins at 5:45 PM. No earlier, as our staff needs time to prepare everything.

Are you handicapped accessible?
We are able to accommodate most narrow wheelchairs and walkers as we have a ramp going up to the dining car entrance. The door is slightly narrow (32" wide), and you must make a 90-degree angle turn to get into the car. The restroom on the dining car is not handicap accessible at this time.

Where does the train go?
The train travels from the Walkersville station north away from Frederick for three miles, then returns to Walkersville, then heads south toward Frederick another four miles. At Rte. 26, at the end of our track, we stop the train for a few minutes and then back the train north and make our way back to the station.

How long is the excursion?
The excursion is about 14 miles round trip, and will last approximately two hours in length. We make every effort to maintain this schedule, but reserve the right to alter schedules or equipment as operating conditions demand.

How fast will we go?
The train will travel approximately five miles per hour.

Does the train stop anywhere along the route?
There are no stops along the route, although we slow down (and occasionally stop) for road crossings.

Is there a restroom on the train?
Yes, there is a small restroom on board.

Is the train air conditioned and/or heated?
Yes, we have a climate controlled environment. Please keep in mind that the dining car is over 70+ years old, and regulating the temperature to an exact degree is difficult.

Is smoking permitted on board the train?
We do not allow smoking anywhere on board our train. This includes in the restroom and on the vestibules.

Are pets allowed?
Sorry, pets are not allowed. Please contact us if you have questions about service animals.

What kind of engine will be pulling the train?
We usually have a 1943 GE Diesel Locomotive (#45) pulling the train. We will occasionally use different engines.

What kinds of rail cars are used?
The dinner train consists of a 1933 American Car and Foundry ex-LIRR passenger car which we've converted to our dining car. It can serve up to 40 people at 10 tables for four. This is followed by a World War II troop sleeper car which serves as our "kitchen car". Future plans include the addition of a second dining car that will increase our serving capacity by 40 or more.